Jason Dittberner

Jason Dittberner

Marketing Chemist / Website Engineer

FATHER/HUSBAND family first

MARKETER driving growth

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Jason is a marketing chemist who can take traditional marketing and digital marketing and mix them into a growth machine for your business.


since 2018

Growth Strategist / Digital Marketer / Web Developer

Marketing Unlocked LLC

▸ Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap
▸ Customer Acquisition and Retention
▸ Sales Funnel Optimization
▸ SEO/SEM Marketing
▸ Digital & Online Marketing
▸ Marketing Campaign Management
▸ Social Media Marketing
▸ Email Marketing
▸ Web Development: CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, Database
▸ Customer and User Experience
▸ Data Analysis and Interpretation
▸ Relationship Marketing
▸ Market Research & Insights
▸ Marketing Event Management
▸ Brand Strategy and Revitalization
▸ Strategic Marketing Partnerships


VP of Marketing

American Leather

Founded in 1990, American Leather is a B2B custom luxury furniture manufacturer headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company built its success on innovation, technological advances, and performance. As VP of Marketing, my role was to build marketing on these pillars of success.

▸ Managed overall marketing strategy and identified opportunities for future growth

▸ Hired and restructured marketing team to align with new marketing strategy

▸ Managed company rebranding from previous year’s failed effort

▸ Effectively optimized a multi-million dollar marketing budget

▸ Created direct-to-consumer website strategy and project managed ecommerce site development


Director of Digital Marketing

American Leather

▸ Developed and implemented a digital acquisition strategy
▸ Collaborated with VP of Marketing on an annual digital marketing plan to support overall marketing strategy and sales
▸ Managed third party digital agencies and partners
▸ Consulted with our private equity company on a potential acquisition by evaluating digital marketing and ecommerce strategy of the company in question
▸ Added emerging technology partners such as AI analytics, 3D modeling, and AR/VR
▸ Designed and implemented bi-yearly trade show digital assets
▸ Developed and implemented an email marketing program
▸ Trained sales team and retail partners in best digital marketing strategies
▸ Developed, hired, and managed video and content team and plan
▸ Managed several CMS systems including Sitefinity, WordPress, and Big Commerce


Chief Marketing Officer/Ecommerce Director

Toula Corporation (Ming Wang & Misook)

Toula is the parent company of women’s fashion brands Misook and Ming Wang. My role was to build out a new marketing team and train them for ecommerce, move Ming Wang from B2B to B2C, and to transition and increase profits of Misook.com from its previous owners to Toula.

2007 – 2015


Brand Wrench

Brand Wrench was a digital marketing agency that provided search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising (SEM), website development, email marketing, social media strategy, and public relations (PR). Its focus was turning failing businesses around, doubling revenue in 100-days, or helping enterprises get acquired. Brand Wrench was acquired in 2015.



University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science Business Management





Digital Marketing


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein CEO / Gravity Inc.

Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution. Jason has solutions for problems.

Walter White

Walter White Chemist / Freelancer

My chemistry is the best. Jason’s marketing chemistry is a close second.

Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan Lab Geek / Miami Metro

He’s alright.


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Marketing Unlocked

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Jason Dittberner


“You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently.”

– Steve Jobs



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Jason Dittberner

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